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GMW Machines
lease or finance.

We offer you the possibility, to lease or finance
machines. You benefit from our partners and
their flexible financing models.

Leasing and financing of machines and equipment

How to protect your liquidity

You would like to purchase a new machine and are still looking for a suitable financing or leasing option? We can also help you here. By our activity of many years we found partners in this range which stand for you with advice and act to the side and provide you very fair offers.

We work together with the following companies in the area of leasing or financing for your machine:


Leasing or financing?

Here are some general tips and info

1. Leasing

  • Advantage

    Leasing simplifies financial planning, protects liquidity and credit lines, is balance sheet neutral and reduces the tax burden in the short term.

  • Disadvantage

    Please note, however, that leasing does not create property, requires fixed terms for the lessee and can usually be terminated by the lessor.

2. Loan financing

  • Advantage

    Financing leads in the end to unrestricted ownership of the machine, ensures unlimited possibilities of use and enjoyment and creates full freedom of exploitation. In addition, hidden reserves are built up in the balance sheet and the financing offers flexible possibilities for depreciation.

  • Disadvantage

    Financing requires appropriate collateral and usually entails an extension of the balance sheet. It can also restrict your existing credit leeway.

Your contact persons

For all questions about financing and leasing
Mitarbeiter Priebs GMW

Larsen Priebs

Managing Director

Tel: + 49 (0) 331 58 14 97 50

Mitarbeiter Wirths

Holger Wirths

Managing Director

Tel: +49 (0) 2333 79 05 16

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